Heavydrive assignment at the Port of Montreal QC

Canadian subsidiary places panes at the Grand Quay tower

The newly-formed Heavydrive subsidiary in Canada took on the glazing of the Grand Quay tower at the Port of Montreal, Quebec. Some 16 panes measuring 2.7 metres x 7.2 metres were installed at a height of 60 metres for the observation tower.

The former Alexandra Pier was completely refurbished based on a design by architecture practice Provencher Roy. The building meets the demands of the shipping lines and has public areas at the port itself. The last element, the observation tower, is due for completion in 2022.

The size of the glass elements and the pane weight of over 2,000 kilos presented a real challenge for the assembly operation. The observation tower stands out and protrudes over the port. For the tower to remain balanced, a proforma weight had to be lifted out first, and this was then replaced by the corresponding pane. In Canada, there was no equipment for this operation. Heavydrive found the ideal solution. The VSG 3000 KMH vacuum suction system was rigidly connected to the VSG 2000 Konter counterweight beam. The Heavydrive systems have radio control, which allowed the 16 panes to be placed at a height of 60 metres above the water - safely and on time. Some of the equipment was air-freighted from Heavydrive's German headquarters to the site, the rest was delivered by the US subsidiary in Atlanta. The Heavydrive systems were in service for a month.

Montage der auf 60 Metern H├Âhe mit Vakuumsauganlage inklusive Kontergewichtstraverse von Heavydrive
Assembly at a height of 60 metres using a VSG 3000 KMH and VSG 2000 Konter
Image rights: Heavydrive.com

This assignment was the first project for the newly established Heavydrive subsidiary in Montreal QC, Canada. Heavydrive Canada was founded to meet the increasing demand for assembly solutions involving extremely large panes overseas. The company thus offers personal proximity to its Canadian customers, as well as services and facilities directly on site. "The new subsidiary means we can act even faster and more flexibly in Canada and make our systems available for construction projects of all kinds", explains Managing Director G├╝nter ├ťbelacker.

The Heavydrive website, catalogue, product brochure and, from August onwards, the Heavydrive app will also be available in French. As early as 2018, Heavydrive opened a subsidiary in Atlanta (USA) to handle the large-scale projects in this and neighbouring states without incurring any delays.

eavydrive glass assembly at the Grand Quay tower in Montreal, Quebec (Canada).
eavydrive glass assembly at the Grand Quay tower in Montreal, Quebec (Canada).
Image rights: Heavydrive.com

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