Heavydrive assembly solutions at BAU 2017


Around 500 potential customers visited the Tapfheim-based company’s stand

From 16th to 21st January 2017, visitors to BAU 2017 in Munich were able to get information about Heavydrive’s products and customised transport and assembly solutions. The company presented about twelve devices at the world’s leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems. The team ran live pane fitting demonstrations four times a day, including lifting, setting down, and overhead assembly of a 1.6x2.5m VSG pane with the GMG 350 glass assembly device.


CEO Günter Übelacker and Heavydrive staffer at the presentation of GMG 350
Image: Heavydrive
Millimetergenaues Setzen der Scheiben unter drei Meter tiefen Vorsprung in Schräglage
MRK 55.0 and 3axis overhead manipulator VSGU 600 K
Image: Heavydrive

Highlights of Heavydrive’s trade fair appearance

In hall C2, stand 120, Heavydrive GmbH showcased a small selection of its suction systems, assembly cranes, lifts, transport wagons, assembly devices and rail systems. One highlight was the VSG 4000 KL 12 vacuum suction system for fitting glass fins up to 18m in height. The 800kg system, which was fixed to the ceiling, is one of the most intelligent assembly solutions for specific construction conditions. The company showed the MRK 55.0 mini crawler crane with a 3-axle overhead manipulator. This combination of systems enables panes of up to 600kg to be installed safely, even overhead or under overhangs.

Visitors could also experience the bestseller, the VSG 450 K, at BAU 2017. This vacuum suction system has a lifting capacity of 450kg and was fixed to a crane hook. Heavydrive GmbH presented the ML 51.0 assembly lift, a device with a lifting height of up to 5.15m designed for extremely narrow application areas, in combination with the VGSU 450 K vacuum suction system with an overhead manipulator. This allows panes weighing up to 450kg to be fitted precisely and safely. The system is particularly suitable for use with glass panes for conservatories.

Lots of interest in project business

“We had more visitors to our stand this year than ever before. Our comprehensive and project-based assembly solutions in particular drummed up interest”, said managing director Guenter Uebelacker. Heavydrive GmbH not only offers a large range of assembly and transport solutions to hire and to purchase, but also provides customised planning to find the perfect and most efficient solution for every construction situation. In consultation with the customer, devices and systems are developed and put together to find the optimal solution to meet the particular demands. Upon request, the experienced staff can also take care of transport as well as customs and freight documentation.


For the Tapfheim-based company, this was the fifth time they have presented at the world-leading BAU trade fair in Munich.

Assembly lift ML 51.0 with vacuum suction system VSGU 450 K and overhead manipulator
Image: Heavydrive
Heavydrive booth at BAU 2017
Image: Heavydrive

Here we have summarized the highlights of the exhibition participation of Heavydrive GmbH at the Bau 2017 for you in a video.

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