Heavy-load assignment in the Spandau Citadel


Heavydrive transports and installs a 4.5-tonne heavy steel bridge

The Spandau Citadel is one of the most significant Renaissance fortresses in Europe. From spring 2016, the exhibition “Enthüllt. Berlin und seine Denkmäler” (“Unveiled. Berlin and its memorials”) will present historical memorials from the 18th century Berlin to the present Berlin. For the permanent art-historical exhibition, a new steel bridge was build over the water ditch. The Donauwoerth-based company Heavydrive GmbH was assigned with the transport and installation of the 4.5-tonne heavy steel construction.


Historical memorials in a permanent exhibition

The grounds of the Spandau Citadel are a popular location for medieval festivals and events. There are many museums, archives and galleries in the historical buildings. Soon, visitors can see significant memorials such as the removed head of the Lenin statue from 1991. 

As an additional escape route for the visitors, a steel bridge weighing tonnes by the company Dornhöfer Stahl-Metallbau GmbH & Co.KG was installed. The installation of the steel construction was full of challenges. The heavy construction had to be transported on a 500-metre route on a sandy ground and cobblestones through the narrow gates of the building. Here, the special Heavydrive transport and assembly devices were necessary.



Challenging transport conditions

Thanks to its crawler tracks, the mini crawler crane MRK 195.0 with its capacity of up to 6 tonnes mastered the challenging transport of the steel bridge, partly, on loose sand. In combination with the patented Heavydrive boom extension, the mini crane has a range of up to 22.7 metres and can manoeuvre elements without shocks exact to the millimetre. This is how the experienced Heavydrive employees managed the transport of the heavy steel construction through the narrow passages of the building. Moreover, two lifting trucks with extension arms were used.

The team had to move the 4.5-tonne heavy steel construction several times until it arrived safely at the installation location. After this challenging transport, the employees were able to install the bridge over the water ditch of the fortress.


Individual assembly solutions

We are specialised in finding an ideal solution for every construction site no matter how challenging. Therefore, we have numerous assembly and suction systems, which we can also individually manufacture for the client’s needs. “This is why we were assigned with this project“, says managing director Günter Übelacker. Heavydrive GmbH offers equipment for rent and sale. If required, an experienced operator can also be rented.


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