Glazing in extremely confined conditions in Esslingen


The façade of an international fashion chain branch in the city centre of Esslingen has been completely re-glazed. Since there was no chance of closing off the shopping street and the space available for installing the 600 kilogram (1323 lbs) glass elements was extremely limited, the assignment called for special equipment from Heavydrive.

A case for the flexible Heavydrive MRK 163 assembly crane, which ensured safe glazing, even without any support. The VSG 600 KL6 Long vacuum suction system, developed specifically for long and narrow roof and conservatory panes, was attached to the crane. The huge advantage was being able to raise the 1.5 x 4.5 metre (4.9 x 14.8 ft) glass panes and the entire loaded glass trestle and transport them on the narrow construction site. The façade was glazed without any problems – thanks to the simple operation of the system.

The façade was erected in cooperation with Schlegelmilch GmbH, the steel and metal construction company based in Thuringia. The installation took place in several construction stages and was completed within five days using the practical Heavydrive equipment.

Façade glazing with the MRK 165 in extremely confined conditions in Esslingen Image rights:
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