Glass panes weighing over 5000 kilos installed for a gigantic factory in Texas

A new gigantic factory is being built in Austin, Texas. A New York glass company ordered four suction systems from Heavydrive LLC (Atlanta, USA) for the installation of the 110 oversized façade elements.

The façade elements, weighing 11905 lbs with a width of 9.2 ft and a height of 31.8 ft, were set using the VSG 6000 K MH suction system with a load capacity of 13228 lbs. For the smaller panes, with a width of 9.2 ft, a height of up to 16.7 ft and weighing 6173 2800 lbs, the Heavydrive VSG 3000 K MH system was used. .

In order to keep to the construction project schedule, the façade company ordered a VSG 6000 K MH and a VSG 3000 K MH on a purchase deal, as well as a system for hire. This meant that the glass panes could be set by several installation teams at the same time.

The Heavydrive experts ensured the safe transport of the systems, and took care of the necessary customs and freight documents as well. In July 2021, the Heavydrive equipment started its journey to Austin in a sea freight container. Heavydrive staff monitored the shipment via real-time tracking. Installation began in August 2021 and is scheduled for completion by the end of 2022.

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