Glass assembly solutions with an assembly crane and forklift


Flexibility and efficiency using Heavydrive’s systems with standard construction machinery

Heavydrive’s vacuum suction systems are adjustable and can be used with any standard construction crane or truck-mounted crane, as well as different forklift trucks. This saves the customer time and money, as the suction systems can be used with devices already available on the construction site to install panes, stone slabs and wooden panels weighing between 300kg and 6,000kg. The Heavydrive systems are simply either attached directly to a crane or used in combination with a counterweight traverse or overhead manipulator. This gives customers a wide range of possibilities for adapting the systems.

Glass assembly with a construction crane or telescopic forklift and Heavydrive suction systems
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Being able to attach a system directly to a crane is a particular advantage when fitting panes at an angle from outside. A counterweight traverse can also be attached easily with three bolts. This prevents the pane from swaying, allowing the element to be placed safely under an overhang of up to 4 metres. The different adapter heads of the Heavydrive counterweight traverses give the utmost flexibility.


Heavydrive also has glass assembly systems that can be combined with a (telescopic) forklift. The operator can either drive the manipulator onto the forklift manually or use the automatic attachment function, which guides the system onto the forklift carriage and bolts it hydraulically.


For the perfect assembly solution using the cranes or forklifts available on the construction site, customers simply send the Heavydrive experts the weight and dimensions of the pane, the type of crane or forklift, and the construction site conditions. The expert can then compile a customised solution using the most efficient combination of Heavydrive’s diverse assembly devices.

Glass assembly on the Lakhta Center (St. Petersburg,
Russia) with Heavydrive counterweight traverse and suction
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Glass assembly with forklift and Heavydrive manipulator
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