Full Heavydrive power in Saudi Arabia

Das Donauwörther Unternehmen liefert Vakuum-Sauganlage VSG 4500 K nach Mekka


Heavydrive has the perfect assembly solution for every construction site. This helped the Donauwoerth-based company win over a façade engineering company from Mecca (KSA). Now Heavydrive GmbH is installing the glass façade of the extension of the world-famous Sacred Mosque in Mecca. For this task, huge window constructions have to be mounted on the outer shell of the gigantic new building. 

These Arab style façade elements, six to seven metres wide and 16.30 metres high, are thelargest currently available on the Arab market. The special challenge here: The panes have to be mounted under an eave of 1.5 metres in depth.


For this tricky situation at the construction site, Heavydrive developed the brand new, highly modern VSG 4500 K vacuum suction system with counterweight adapter. The system positions the suction plates in a diagonal line on the panes weighing up to 4.5 tonnes, turns the panes to the vertical position and mounts them under the 1.5 metre deep eave with a building crane. The VSG Counterweight 7000 counterweight system automatically keeps the system balanced in any position. The vacuum suction unit is controlled by radio remote control.

The large façade panes are vertically stabilised by glass fins instead of conventional steel fins. The glass fins are also inserted with a Heavydrive suction system: The VSG 1600 KL. This system quickly and accurately mounts the 16.26 metre high and 550 millimetre wide glass panes, which weigh 1.6 tonnes.

In terms of safety, the VSG 4500 K meets the highest standards: The unit is battery-powered and has a 4-circuit system. Additional safety measures are not necessary thanks to the thought-out design of the vacuum suction system.

After successful practical tests in the Donauwoerth headquarters, the VSG 4500 K is now being transported to its destination construction site in Mecca by sea.

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