Complex installation at the Holmenkollen Ski Museum in Oslo (Norway)

Heavydrive sets glass elements weighing 680 kilos using a 7-axis manipulator


The Heavydrive 7-axis manipulator VSG STU 1000 K in combination with the vacuum suction system VSG 750 K were used to set 40 panes at the ski museum in Oslo (Norway). The glass panes had to be installed both vertically and overhead under enormous time pressure. Days of rainfall and muddy ground made installation even more difficult. Yet Heavydrive technology showed off its strengths to full effect.


"We spent a long time preparing for the assignment. However, the poor weather conditions delayed the start of installation, which put us under even more time pressure,", explains Günter Übelacker, Managing Director of Heavydrive. To overcome this complex challenge, the manipulator was attached to the rotor stacker and connected to the suction system using a special adapter. This allowed the glass elements, which are up to 2.5 metres long and up to 4.9 metres high, to be securely suctioned on and transported to the installation site in safety. The Heavydrive manipulator can be moved along seven axes by radio remote control. So it took just two of the customer's employees to accurately turn and position the 40 panes in the ideal vertical or overhead position. The assignment was completed in five days.

Complex installation of panes weighing 680 kilos from muddy ground.
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The ski museum at Holmenkollen in Oslo is located right next to the world-famous ski jump. Founded in 1923, it showcases an overview of the history of skiing.

7-axis manipulators can all be rotated 360 degrees, swiveled 90 degrees and tilted sideways 40 degrees
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