Compact Heavydrive mini crane offers many advantages over a truck-mounted crane

Heavydrive opens and closes façade for transport of 13-tonne annealing ovens


For Leitz GmbH & Co. KG, manufacturer of precision tools for professional wood and plastic processing, Heavydrive GmbH lifted two annealing ovens into the production hall in Unterschneidheim. This required the building's façade to be opened and closed again.

Here, Heavydrive impressed with an ingenious installation solution that is more efficient and space-saving than a conventional, complex installation using a truck-mounted crane. Using the Heavydrive MRK 195.0 mini crane, twelve panes measuring 2.6 by 1.0 metres and weighing up to 150 kilos were removed from the mullion transom façade. The assembly crane has a lifting capacity of up to six tonnes and a hook height of 19.5 metres, which can be extended to 22.7 metres. The flexible assembly aid can be used from inside and outside. Thanks to its compact design, the MRK can be driven all the way up to the façade. The crane can also be steered through narrow access roads without any problems. Unlike a truck-mounted crane, no road closures or pavement diversions are necessary. This saves time and there's no red tape.

The mini crane was able to easily remove the panes from the façade and dismount steel slat shading by remote control. "Heavydrive has a wealth of experience in the field of industrial installation and the expansion, renovation and modernisation of production halls. Our compact assembly devices can be used flexibly and quickly. This brings a significant time and cost advantage over the time-consuming use of large mobile cranes", said Director Günter Übelacker, Managing Director of Heavydrive.

The two 13-tonne annealing ovens were then lifted into the façade opening in the tandem lift by two truck-mounted cranes. Afterwards, the installation engineers reinstalled the façade panes and the steel slat shading using the MRK 195.0. Within just two days, the assembly on behalf of Starz Metallbau was completed without incident.   

Opening the façade at Leitz GmbH & Co. KG in Unterschneidheim bring in the annealing ovens. Image rights:
Installation with truck-mounted crane requires a great deal of space Image rights:
Space-saving installation with Heavydrive mini crane Image rights:

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