Avoid expensive damage with Heavydrive

Negligent maintenance causes cost-intensive machine failure


When the system runs smoothly,everything looks just fine and the company is booming, regular machine maintenance is easily forgotten. Suddenly, the machine fails and running processes have to be stopped, causing unexpected additional costs. The cause: If systems are used negligently, dirt and water can accumulate. Invisible from the outside, these deposits corrode the machine from the inside little by little.


Water damage to a negligently maintained suction system.

Heavydrive GmbH prevents this kind of damage: Each Heavydrive system is serviced according to a special maintenance plan in summer and winter. In the company's own workshop in the Donauwoerth headquarters, trained Heavydrive employees keep the rental park in top conditions at all times. The systems are meticulously cleaned and maintained according to a thorough control system.

"Of course, this laborious maintenance makes operating our systems rather expensive. However, it guarantees machine longevity and the high quality of the Heavydrive rental park," explains Managing Director Guenter Uebelacker. The greatest benefit for the customer at the construction site from this elaborate maintenance: The top condition and reliability of the rented Heavydrive equipment.

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