Assembly of almost 2 tonnes of concrete slabs

The Heavydrive technology proves a success: façade assembly in Tuttlingen

Heavydrive’s assembly systems are not just suitable for glass panes – they are highly versatile! In Tuttlingen, Baden-Württemberg, the company Hettich GmbH &  Co. KG used Heavydrive’s special heavy-duty technology to move extremely large concrete façade elements.

31 prefabricated concrete elements – weighing up to 1.8 tonnes and measuring up to 2m x 3.6m – had to be assembled in the façade, which meant placing the heavy slabs under an overhang. For this, the concrete elements had to be lifted vertically and be flush with the top and bottom. The only tool for the job was a special suction system with a counterweight traverse. In addition, there was no high voltage mains power to the construction site so the suction system had to be battery operated.

On this occasion, the Heavydrive VSGS 2500 K MH vacuum suction system and VSG 3000 counterweight traverse were used with a conversion kit for suctioning stone, concrete and screen-print surfaces. Both systems were combined with the Heavydrive SWS quick-change head and were ready to begin assembly just ten minutes after delivery.

Sauganlage und Kontertraverse mit einer Betonplatte
Vacuum suction system and counterweight traverse with a prefabricated
concrete element; Picture: Heavydrive

The VSGS 2500 K MH suction system has a capacity of up to 2.5 tonnes and works with a secure 4-circuit system. Its 24 suction pads were tested before the operation for tightness and to ensure mark-free gripping, as it was important the pads did not leave any suction marks on the concrete. Upon acceptance by Heavydrive technicians and the manufacturer of the concrete slabs, assembly could begin.

The counterweight system with a capacity of 3 tonnes enabled vertical, flush assembly of the heavy concrete elements. Using remote control, the operator was able to transport the slabs accurately under the overhang and place them into the opening. Within three days, all 31 concrete slabs had been installed safely.

Das Setzen einer Betonplatte mit Heavydrive-Geräten
The assembly of a heavy concrete element with Jeavydrive devices
Picture: Heavydrive

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