A highly successful year for Heavydrive

Major international projects, digitalization and worldwide expansion were at the top of Heavydrive's agenda


Supply chain problems, the Ukraine war and the turnaround in interest rates – the construction industry faced many challenges in 2022. That said, Günter Übelacker, Managing Director of Heavydrive, reflects on last year with peace of mind: "We faced many hurdles, but we handled everything brilliantly and continued to expand, modernise even more, and got involved in prestigious major projects around the world."


Further expansion of digital services

Heavydrive has always been at the cutting edge of digitalisation from the word go. A dedicated app was launched to allow customers to use numerous digital services, such as WhatsApp video advice or the device finder. Order processing is completely digital – from receipt to system selection to the loading operation. "Digitalisation is a vital, ongoing process and not a one-off matter. This is why we continuously strive to be up to speed and keep on developing in this area. This way, we can always offer the best service to the customer", explains Günter Übelacker. For this reason, Heavydrive has further digitalised its business processes. In addition to German, English and Russian, the website is now also online in French and Spanish. The company also offers customers another useful additional service: GPS tracking, including battery charge monitoring for rental equipment, which makes it possible to track the exact location of the equipment during transport and to receive information about its battery charge. This guarantees punctual delivery and avoids system failure at the place of use.

Heavydrive in operation at the Winthrop Center in Boston Image rights: Heavydrive.com

Major projects worldwide

Despite the war in Ukraine, Heavydrive managed to complete numerous major international projects last year. One particular logistical challenge caused by the war situation was the punctual transport of a Heavydrive VSG 2500 KMH suction system for a construction project in Tallinn (Estonia). "We have developed a sophisticated logistics system over the years, so we managed to deliver safely and on time", says Günter Übelacker. The Heavydrive systems were also used in the National Museum in Doha (Qatar), at the MOL Campus, the new company premises of the oil and gas company MOL Group in Budapest (Hungary) and in the construction of the 90-metre high Porsche Design Tower in Stuttgart (Germany). Several overseas projects were also on the agenda, including the glazing of the Grand Quay tower at the Port of Montreal, Québec (Canada), the installation of the façade elements at the Winthrop Center, a 210 metre (690.7 feet) skyscraper in the financial district of Boston (USA), the setting of 110 oversized façade elements on the new Gigafactory of the American car manufacturer Tesla in Austin (USA) or the replacement of extremely large and heavy glass fins on the 155 North Wacker skyscraper in Chicago (USA).

Expansion at all levels

Thanks to the positive order situation, Heavydrive was able to expand further in 2022. The newly established subsidiary in Canada made it possible to expand business overseas. The fleet in Germany was modernised and increased. New employees joined the team worldwide. Heavydrive also committed to the promotion of training. At the headquarters, the team has grown by a student trainee and a dual-system student. Heavydrive collaborates with the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany. "We are delighted to have made such a success of this difficult year and are looking forward to exciting projects and challenges in 2023", says Günter Übelacker summing up.

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