Test options

We let you test the equipment before you buy. This takes away the risk and you have a guarantee that the system is exactly right for your project.


To ensure smooth operations on large-scale projects or in complex installation situations, we offer a mock-up service. This involves simulating the situation on the construction site, testing the installation solution and making any necessary adjustments.

Plan now for future projects!

Take the time to plan your system assignments well in advance!
Thanks to advance planning, your equipment will be perfectly maintained and ready to use on the construction site whenever you need it. We will be happy to advise you on mock-ups, construction site simulations, project planning, long-term rental, purchase and much more!

  Plan now

Heavydrive Beraterin

Heavydrive simulates complex installation situations for construction sites worldwide

Simulation of various assembly situations for large construction site at Frankfurt Airport

One of Europe's largest infrastructure projects is taking shape in the south section of Frankfurt Airport. Heavydrive, the installation expert, and its special equipment are involved in the construction of Terminal 3. To guarantee a trouble-free and efficient job, the Bavarian company organised a four-day test run in Klagenfurt.

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Trouble-free operation worldwide - perfect planning through simulation in advance