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Bodyflying – the latest trend sport to get the hearts of adventurers and adrenaline junkies racing. You can experience the unique feeling of flying in ultra-modern vertical wind tunnels. These flight chambers simulate the breathtaking feel of a free fall during a skydive in an impressive way.

Since 2017, a modern skydiving complex in Neufahrn near Munich has also been offering this exciting experience. This system features huge spherically curved panes, which presented a real challenge during installation. This is where the technical know-how and expertise of Heavydrive GmbH came into play.

Heavydrive has already been instrumental in the installation of several flight chambers with its first-class equipment and experienced operators. Our specialized lifting equipment and trained personnel helped accomplish this technically challenging task safely and efficiently.

The collaboration with Heavydrive not only ensured trouble-free installation, but also the highest safety standards that are integral to such an exciting adventure.


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Heavydrive at the installation of flight chambers