Unlimited creativity in planning and construction with Heavydrive!


Project management with Heavydrive gives you extreme flexibility, even in the planning phase

Modern architecture relies heavily on glass as a building material. Futuristic design and oversized glass constructions are on trend. With us, there are no limits to your creativity!


Start planning and managing the equipment you will need for every construction phase from the outset.

Then we can quickly put together a package that will save you time and money! It also means you can avoid nasty surprises from the get-go that can greatly increase project costs!


It makes sense to consider the implementation of a project as early as the design and planning phase. This is becoming increasingly important even at the award stage.


Creativity in glass construction

We help you create your assembly flow plan (method statement) and assist you with formulating the worst-case scenario using optimal solutions, e.g. replacing existing glass panes. So, you can always be on the safe side with your project planning. Heavydrive is the leading world specialist for these types of projects: From planning to precise implementation, you are in safe hands with us. Heavydrive’s special systems open up a world of creative opportunities that were previously inconceivable, until now!


Plan now for future projects!


Benefit from our many years of experience!
We offer the right solution also for your building project! We'll be happy to advise you and find solutions for your particular industry! Long-term rental, purchase and much more!

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