Customised product solutions

We handle conception, develop new aid devices specially for your use, or build and/or combine custom assembly solutions for you.

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Comprehensive solutions from delivery to assembly

Heavydrive® offers you assembly concepts that are exactly tailored to your needs.

The industry is faced with more and more challenges. Construction components are becoming larger and heavier, assembly more complicated, and logistical processes more complex. So Heavydrive GmbH offers a one-stop service: the experienced and professional team supports customers from initial planning to processing and implementation of their projects – whether it’s for large or small panes, special custom-made solutions, difficult construction site conditions, extreme climate requirements or remote operation sites worldwide.

Especially for large, international projects, intensive pre-planning is critical. The more detail and the earlier we know about the requirements and construction conditions, the better we can develop an optimal customised assembly solution.

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Integrated solutions

Our overhead manipulators, for example, can be attached to any device or crane with the right adaptor. This allows you to use your own machinery and rent any additional components from Heavydrive. You remain flexible and can save time and money.

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Production of custom devices upon request

We develop in practice for use in practice. Under the motto "nothing is impossible, time is money!", we develop different devices to rent and to purchase for glass assembly and we modify products that are already available on the market for our purposes.

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Two examples from experience:

Heavydrive GmbH is currently installing the glass façade of the extension to the Sacred Mosque in Mecca. For this task, huge window constructions have to be mounted on the outer shell of the gigantic new building.

These Arab-style façade elements, up to 7 metres wide and 16.3 metres high, are the largest currently available on the Arab market. The particular challenge here is that the panes have to be mounted under an eave of 1.5 metres in depth.

For this tricky situation at the construction site, Heavydrive developed the brand new, highly modern VSG 4500 K vacuum suction system with a counterweight adapter. The system positions the suction plates in a diagonal line on the panes weighing up to 4.5 tonnes, turns the panes to a vertical position and mounts them under the 1.5 metre deep eave with a building crane. The VSG Counterweight 7000 counterweight system automatically keeps the system balanced in any position.


For the renovation of the Kaispeicher at the Elbe Philharmonic Hall in Hamburg, the HDF 1000/3 glass transport wagon was developed.

Since the façade on the harbour side was located above the Elbe river and could not be accessed, the elements were transported from the land side through the building with the HDF 1000/3 and from there installed with an assembly crane.



Patented solutions produced by us

We provide you with the original: the patented glass transport wagon with an extra low centre of gravity for more tilt stability and low clearance height. They are quick and extremely variable and adaptable to different pane sizes. Just with a few hand grips and no tools, they are ready for use or can be taken apart and made compact. The transport wagons have a lifting capacity of up to 1,000kg. Some models have pneumatic tyres which guarantees smooth transport of the panes.  

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Special lifting solutions produced by us
Example: On rough terrain, glazing behind scaffolding and under eaves.

Our lifting solutions include glazing behind scaffolding, under eaves, from inside to outside, even in sub-zero temperatures with steamed-up or coated panes... No matter what challenges a construction site brings, we will find a solution! Just contact us.

We have gained knowledge and experience from our large global projects...
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