Polish out scratches – an alternative to replacing panes


Damage to a glass surface doesn’t have to mean expensive pane replacement. Heavydrive has an alternative. The company’s skilled specialists analyse the glass damage and – depending on the condition of the pane – can remove scratches by means of a special polishing process.

The pane must first be carefully assessed to decide whether repair is possible. Scratches have a tiny ridge, which is removed in the first stage of the assessment. The Heavydrive expert can then decide whether it is possible to polish out the scratch completely. Heavydrive uses its specially developed polish to clean glass surfaces with precision. To prevent stress cracks, the temperature of the pane is controlled with a laser. It is also important to choose the right polishing wheel and pastes and use suitable rinsing liquid, as the slightest mistake can have severe consequences. This is why only specially trained staff carry out this kind of glass repair.

Damaged glass before using the Heavydrive pane polishing method
Image rights: Heavydrive GmbH

If it is possible to repair the pane, the customer saves a lot of time and money. It saves them the cost of a new glass element, as well as renting assembly devices, personnel expenses and other costs like ceiling suspension. Heavydrive has years of expertise in the field of glass assembly. Besides renting and selling lifting and transportation devices, the company also has trained operators, device repair and maintenance specialists and experts in pane polishing.


Repairing damaged glass using the Heavydrive pane polishing method
Image rights: Heavydrive.com

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